6 resources for ACA extensions and exemptions

Official HHS guidance for plans and consumers

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released several guidance documents to explain the situations that would allow an extension for consumers beyond the open-enrollment deadline. Based on the morning meltdown of healthcare.gov on deadline day, the extensions might be more than HHS bargained for.


Guidance for Issuers on People “In Line”:http://www.cms.gov/CCIIO/Resources/Regulations-and-Guidance/Downloads/in-line-SEP-3-26-2014.pdf


Guidance for Issuers on Complex Cases:http://www.cms.gov/CCIIO/Resources/Regulations-and-Guidance/Downloads/complex-cases-SEP-3-26-2014.pdf


Assister Tips for those “In Line”: http://marketplace.cms.gov/help-us/assisting-consumers-march-31.pdf


Assister Tips Complex Cases: http://marketplace.cms.gov/help-us/complex-cases-sep.pdf


The consumer fact sheet is posted here: http://marketplace.cms.gov/getofficialresources/publications-and-articles/sep-complex-cases.pdf


IRS guidance for those who are exempt from obtaining coverage:



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