Joseph M. Mack, MPA


Meaningful Use final rule: 4 Tips for hospitals

Hospitals and physicians must be diligent in the implementation of their meaningful use business or strategic plan.

Karla Koertner, PMP


CMS' mandatory bundled payment model: How to prepare

The Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CCJR), has organizations’ leadership wondering how they will be able to perform in such a model. Here are some tips.

Shan Padda


Five attributes of health plans poised to win

Today’s value-focused economy was a primary discussion point at a recent roundtable of health plan CEOs. The discussion led to five essential attributes that organizations must embrace to thrive.

Tina Wardrop, MHA, MSSW


Super clinically integrated networks: 8 components to consider

Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) are evolving quickly across the country in response to changing reimbursement trends and the move to value-based payments.

Susan Corneliuson, MHS, FACHE


Super clinically integrated networks: 8 components to consider

Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) are evolving quickly across the country in response to changing reimbursement trends and the move to value-based payments.

Bryant Furlow


Will biosimilars deliver on expectations?

This might be the year when it becomes clear, perhaps painfully so, whether or not biosimilars can deliver on cost savings expectations.

Karen Marinella


Mastering interviews: Tips for managed care executives

Tips to help healthcare executives present their most authentic selves during remote interviews.

R. Dale Grimes


Proposed healthcare payer mergers are under review

Federal antitrust officials are determining how, and if, transactions will move forward. Here's a roadmap of what's ahead in 2016.

David Birdsall, MD


High-cost patient populations: 3 areas to address

The solution to succeeding in value-based reimbursement models is to start inside the hospital with high acuity patients and build the systems that support them.

Rob Graybill


Four data analytics initiatives to implement now

Innovation will be necessary to compete for consumers in the new market environment. Using data effectively can help plans stand out.

Jordan Bazinsky


Risk sharing grows in the Medicaid space

While forming risk-based entities among Medicaid providers could be an effective way to better manage the care of low-income populations, the risk of unintended consequences cannot be ignored. A key hedge against these consequences is better use of patient data.

Jeremy Earl


Four considerations when moving to value-based payment

Here are four critical considerations that are integral to successful implementation of a value-based payment model.

Miranda Hester


Imaging programs reduce costs

Unnecessary diagnostic tests are harmful to patients and costly for health plans.

Jamie J. Gooch


US healthcare costs accelerate

Since posting its lowest annual growth rate in more than six years, the average cost of healthcare services accelerated in May and June.

Randy Killian


Patient visits should go back to the basics

Sometimes in our technology-driven environment, we get into a fixed routine of the current standard of care for our patients. What would we see or hear if we saw our practice or facility through the eyes and ears of our patients?

Jill Wechsler


How FDA Plans to Encourage More Biosimilar Uptake

The hope is that more biosimilars will lead to more access and more affordable medications, but biosimilar uptake is lagging. Here’s why and how FDA hopes to fix it.

Duane Harrington


The Hospital of the Future: Balancing Risk, Revenue in Post-Pandemic World

Healthcare providers have increasingly entered into value-based contracts with payers in recent years because they offer the opportunity to increase revenue-the primary driver of change for any business.

Rich Temple


One system's experience with scripting

Effective maintenance of patient records, registration information, human resources documentation, and reimbursement forms are critical to the IT success of the four-hospital Saint Clare's Health System, in northwestern New Jersey. The hospital system, which houses more than 475 active beds, serves 23,000 inpatients and 250,000 outpatients annually.

Deborah Pappas


New expectations raise standards for identity management

In 2007, healthcare providers will face identity and access management challenges that will directly impact compliance, security and audit issues.

Sue Lewis, M.Ed


Integrated, flexible incentive programs encourage change

Consumerism in health benefits has moved beyond buzzword status to a mainstream strategy. Increasingly, health plans and employers view consumerism with a global approach to benefits-a collaboration with employees financially, organizationally and personally.

Lisa Marshall


Games for health have become serious opportunities for plans

Healthcare gaming has made progress in the past year by allowing consumers to engage in health via mobile devices.

Ken Krizner


Top Challenges in Managing Diabetes

The leading problems that endocrinologists and educators see from their daily interactions with diabetes patients.

Lisa Metro


Commercial Blues plans adopting the CMS do-not-pay list policy

In a move toward accountable care, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Assn. (BCBSA) has established a policy that denies acute care hospitals reimbursement for certain never events.

Jeffrey Bendix


Pilot Program Aims to Help Consumers Verify, Interpret Results of DTC Genetic Tests

The growing availability of direct-to-consumer genetic tests highlights the need for validating and interpreting the tests’ results.

Paul Veronneau


Leverage health data gathered from electronic records

Secondary use of electronic data from claims and clinical sources will drive savings

Craig Coleman


FDA prioritizes drug safety, expects industry to be proactive

More than 4 million annual provider visits, including visits to the ER, can be attributed to adverse drug events

Tracey Walker


Michigan’s Medicaid Program Plans to Save Millions By Eliminating PBMs

The state’s desired savings and efficiencies can be realized, but will likely take some effort.

Margaret Murray, MPA


Opinion: The Best Lesson We Can Learn from the German Healthcare System

As President Trump intensifies his battle with German Chancellor Angela Merkel over trade and NATO policies, he should pause to consider the lessons from another German Chancellor-Otto von Bismarck.

Marie Rosenthal


Shifting employees to exchanges provides no real advantage

Among the decisions employers are tackling is whether to keep their group health plans.

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