Three Reasons AI is ‘Wildly Different’ than Other Healthcare Technologies

August 01, 2018

Artificial intelligence is about to do what we hoped to see technology do in the last decade for the health industry: Empower organizations and clinicians to improve the health, outcomes, and experience of care for more people in less time and at lower cost.

Plans, providers: Ask these 2 questions when evaluating technology

August 05, 2015

Technology that passes the non-techie empowerment test can empower your employees. Passing the test requires answering "yes" to these two simple questions.

Achieve near-term productivity gains

March 01, 2009

Your competitive edge can come from digitizing and automating labor-intensive processes to gain efficiencies

Is the right information really enough to engage consumers?

May 01, 2007

Today, healthcare payers and providers endlessly wrestle with three alligators-rising costs, inconsistent quality, and the uninsured. These alligators seem to grow larger and stronger with every passing year.