Judith Frampton, vice president, medical management, of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care relies on Judith Frampton for disease management innovation.

Judith Frampton
Vice President, Medical Management
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Wellesley, Mass.

Frampton ties the plan's success primarily to three strategies: arming patients with information to ask the right questions of their clinicians; providing physicians with patient-specific, actionable and accessible information; and creating short and focused clinical messages for physicians, such as a reminder that a member needs a particular screening. She is responsible for designing individualized communications for members to reach at-risk populations.

Frampton anticipates that "personalized medicine," treatments based on individual genetic make-up, will bring a new level of sophistication to DM, shifting what historically has been population health to tailored treatment for members.

Having been at Harvard Pilgrim for more than a decade, she also served as director of clinical programs and director of corporate clinical programs. Prior to joining the health plan, she was assistant administrator of operations and director of local marketing at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in Cambridge, Mass.

The co-author of a scholarly book and author of essays in leading healthcare journals, Frampton earned a B.S. degree from Emerson College, an MBA from Northeastern University and a degree in nursing from the Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing, all in Boston.