IVI Announces Publication of Top Three Winners of Valuing Innovation Project Call for Papers

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Research demonstrates the progress being made in health technology assessment.

The Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI), a non-profit research organization committed to advancing the science, practice, and use of health technology assessment (HTA) in healthcare, is pleased to announce the release of a special supplement of PharmacoEconomics which features the Valuing Innovation Project (VIP) Call for Papers awardee manuscripts.

This special supplement features three articles that propose novel and practical solutions to help us better define, measure, and reward innovations in HTA frameworks. These papers were selected from a call for papers as part of the Valuing Innovation Project (VIP), a multi-phase initiative launched by IVI and multi-stakeholder partners.

Richard Chapman, Ph.D.

Richard Chapman, Ph.D.

“This research is a testament to the incredible progress being made in health technology assessment,” said Richard Chapman, Ph.D., IVI's Chief Science Officer. “These papers provide novel methods and frameworks that will help us more accurately measure and reward the value of medical innovations, encouraging further innovation that will ultimately benefit patients and healthcare systems globally.”

The three winning manuscripts, available online ahead of print in the Journal of PharmacoEconomics, with are:

Incorporating Real Option Value in Valuing Innovation: A Way Forward by Meng Li, Sc.M., Ph.D., and Louis P. Garrison, Ph.D. introduces a "minimal modeling" approach to assess real option value (ROV) in HTA without a full cost-effectiveness model. The method leverages publicly available data to estimate ROV, highlighting its impact on cost, value estimates, and cost-effectiveness ratios. An analysis of ipilimumab for metastatic melanoma demonstrates ROV's significant influence on value assessment.

The Value of Flexible Vaccine Manufacturing Capacity: Value Drivers, Estimation Methods, and Approaches to Value Recognition in Health Technology Assessment by Fred McElwee, Ph.D., and Anthony T. Newall, Ph.D. evaluates the importance of flexible vaccine manufacturing in responding to health threats. The authors identify key value drivers, develop estimation methods, and discuss integrating this value into HTA. They highlight the need for accurate tools to measure this flexibility and propose various methodologies to address this gap.

Estimating and Rewarding the Value of Healthcare Interventions Beyond the Healthcare Sector: A Conceptual Framework by Askal Ayalew Ali, Amit Kulkarni, Sandipan Bhattacharjee, and Vakaramoko Diaby proposes a framework to capture the broader economic, social, and environmental impacts of healthcare interventions. A case study on a digital health therapeutic for opioid use disorder demonstrates the framework's application and the importance of considering equity impacts and stakeholder engagement.

“It will be critical to test and refine these innovative approaches in future healthcare assessments,” Chapman added. “We look forward to seeing these methods adopted and making a real-world impact.”

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