George B. Bennett, CEO, Health Dialog Services Corp.

As co-founder and CEO of Health Dialog, Bennett has seen the company grow.

George B. Bennett
CEO, Health Dialog Services Corporation, Inc.
Boston, Mass.

Bennett has built Health Dialog's success on predictive modeling; sophisticated outreach; "whole person," nurse-based health coaching; and comprehensive "cause-and-effect research." He and his team have placed special emphasis on advanced database architectures and state-of-the-art software systems.

Leveraging the company's predictive modeling capabilities and expertise in variations in healthcare, Bennett and his colleagues have developed some sophisticated segmentation techniques, which are able to tailor messages to high-need populations. Health Dialog utilizes a "whole person" approach to supporting individuals, which he feels is the future of DM, so that coached Individuals can work more effectively with their physicians in managing their overall health and healthcare needs.

Health Dialog is not the first company founded by Bennett. He was behind Symmetrix, Inc., a management consulting firm; Braxton Associates, a global strategy consulting firm; and consulting firm Bain &Company.

A graduate of West Virginia University, where he received a B.S., degree in industrial engineering, he also earned master's and Ph.D. degrees in industrial administration from Carnegie Mellon University. He serves on the board of directors of DMAA and was named a 2004 Managed Healthcare Executive Leader in Disease Management.