EMRs offer return on investment


EMRs can add to a practice's bottom line

Choosing the right EMR is a strategic decision with significant, long term ramifications on the practice. This decision is quite difficult considering the large number of healthcare IT companies selling clinical products for the physician practice market. Many solutions in the market today attempt to differentiate themselves primarily through a dizzying array of features and functions. While incremental features can bring marginal gains, they seldom affect the core value of the EMR for the practice.

The core value of the EMR is largely based on aspects of the whole product offering beyond features, which can include conversion of existing records, clinical and billing integration, proven implementation methodologies, physician training tools, live support, system interoperability, product roadmap and vendor stability.

Taking a holistic approach to selecting an EMR solution improves chances of successful implementation of the system and maximizes the return on investment. Here are some of the payoffs you can expect from your investment in a whole EMR solution.

An EMR system benefits the patient as well. Some systems produce increased efficiency and higher quality documentation while others involve automated checks and reminders to assist a physician in providing optimum care. Look for EMRs to:

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