D.W. Edington, professor, division of kinesiology and director, Health Management Research Center

D.W. Edington's research focuses on the precursors of disease and the relationships between healthy lifestyles, vitality, and quality of life.

D.W. Edington
Professor, Division of Kinesiology and
Director, Health Management Research Center
University of Michigan

"Disease management is one of the three necessary strategies in total population management, which is needed to arrive at the total value of health for an employee population or any defined population," Edington says. "Acute care and wellness management are the other two components."

Edington has received recognition for "Vision and Leadership in Preventive Medicine and Population Health Improvement," awarded by the Department of Defense. This year, the National Business Group on Health recognized him for "Visionary Leadership in Health Management."

The research center's Health Risk Appraisal has been completed by more than 3.5 million individuals. The concepts and materials from the center have influenced health promotion and wellness programs in over 1,000 corporate worksites.

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