Docs on drug costs: big concern, less knowlege

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Docs on drug costs:
big concern, less knowledge

By Jeanne Sabatie, Production Editor

Nearly nine out of 10 physicians think cost is an important consideration when choosing medications, and seven out of 10 would sacrifice some efficacy to make drugs more affordable for patients, according to a survey reported in the October 9, 2000, Archives of Internal Medicine. Four out of five respondents indicated that they were often unaware of actual drug costs, and most underestimated the cost of common brand-name medications. Ninety-four percent consider cost a strong concern when patients have no medical insurance, but only 30 percent felt cost was a concern for patients with Medicaid or HMO prescription plans. Sixty-eight percent factored in cost for Medicare patients, but fully a third did not appear to understand that Medicare does not pay for drugs.


Jeanne Sabatie. Docs on drug costs: big concern, less knowlege.

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