Ben R. Leedle, Jr., president and CEO, Healthways

Ben Leedle, Jr., is a trailblazer at Healthways, having helped drive revenue from $165 million in 2003 to more than $615 million in 2007.

Ben R. Leedle, Jr.
President and CEO
Nashville, Tenn.

Healthways has always been on the cutting edge of DM, managing multiple diseases on a common platform, integrating wellness programs and emphasizing prevention. "Lifestyle risk management is just as important as treating an end-of-life disease," he says.

Leedle foresees that while DM needs to adopt an individual approach for part of the population, it also should maintain its traditional principles, consistently managing people across an entire population.

Graduating summa cum laude from Central College, Leedle earned a B.A. degree in education and an M.S. degree from Emporia State University. He is a graduate of the Executive Education Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School, and a member of the HealthCare South Executive Summit, an industry CEO roundtable. He also serves on the Vanderbilt Owen Health Care Advisory Board.

He was named a 2004 Managed Healthcare Executive Leader in Disease Management.

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