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Devon Herrick, PhD, is a health economist and former hospital accountant. He has researched and written about health economics for many years.


Opinion: The Bad Politics of Carving-Out Medicaid Managed Care Drugs

March 14, 2018

About half of states have transitioned at least some Medicaid beneficiaries away from fee-for-service (FFS) drug programs into drug plans integrated with managed care. Our policy analyst shares why he believes more should do so.

Opinion: Who's to blame for surprise out-of-network bills?

July 26, 2017

Across the country more states are taking steps to limit patients’ exposure to surprise out-of-network bills.

Opinion: Biggest problems with single-payer ‘Medicare-for-all’

May 21, 2017

Our policy analyst explains why he believes single payer Medicare-for-all is a pipe dream.

Congress considering ‘invisible’ high-risk pools

April 21, 2017

Our policy analyst explains the concept of invisible high-risk pools, and explains how they might affect health reform.

Opinion: More industry-stakeholders play blame game for high drug costs

March 23, 2017

Our policy analyst weighs in on a new drug industry PR campaign that attempts to shift the blame for high drug costs.