What Employers Are Requesting From Health Plans | AHIP 2024


In 2024, there have been two common health plan issues brought up by employers.

Affordability is the top health plan priority for employers, according to Scott Burton, MBA, commercial market president of Providence Health Plan. Behavioral health needs follow this.

“The ecosystem of cost continues to be a pressing need, perhaps at a historic level,” Burton said in an interview with Managed Healthcare Executive. “We need to figure out ways to create affordability. Shifting cost to employees is not a tenable option.”

To address these issues, Burton says they have been doubling down on value-based care, level funding for self-insured employers and reducing the company’s administrative costs.

Scott Burton, MBA, is the commercial market president of Providence Health Plan. He presented a session at AHIP 2024 entitled Industry Trends and Insights: The Employee Health Benefits That Matter Most. Managed Healthcare Executive interviewed him before his session.

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