Premium Content Preview | 5 Ways to save your hospital money with better communications

In this eBrief we look at why increasing the efficiency of critical test results management (CTRM) is of vitalimportance for your organization and your patients.

Potential Impact of Poor Communication


The rising cost of delivering care and shrinking operating margins means that cost reduction is a constant initiative at hospitals and health systems across the U.S. Organizations are looking at everything from tighter supply controls to energy efficiency initiatives. Another avenue that hospitals are evaluating more closely is communications. Research studies have estimated that inefficient communications cost U.S. hospitals up to $12 billion per year, which breaks down to nearly $4 million annually for a 500-bed hospital.2 Inefficient communication is expensive because it wastes clinician time, delays patient treatment and discharge, and can contribute to costly medical errors. In this eBrief
we look at five ways hospitals can save money with better communications.

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