AACR Cancer Disparities Report 2024: Breast Cancer


Breast cancer stats from the American Association for Cancer Research 2024 Cancer Disparities Report.

Although there has been major progress against cancer in the United States, racial and ethnic minority groups are still diagnosed and treated at unequal levels when compared with White populations, according to a new report released May 15, 2024, from the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), a professional organization for oncologists.

For example, cancer death rates have narrowed between Black and White populations. In 1990, that gap was 33% and in 2020, it had dropped to 11.3%. These inequalities also extend to breast cancer, the highlights of which are listed below.

Healthcare inequalities stem from a long history of structural prejudice and ongoing discrimination. As a result, many people in minority groups do not have the money or access to healthcare services. Unfavorable and stressful conditions can also lead to behaviors such as smoking or alcohol use which are major cancer risk factors.

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