Digital Therapeutics Alliance Product Library and Evaluation Toolkit


DTA is convening a broad coalition of stakeholders to advance the industry.

Their collective efforts are improving clinical and health economic outcomes through the use of high quality, evidence-based digital therapeutics for patients, clinicians, and payors.

DTA's cross-industry coalition is comprised of experts regarded as industry thought leaders in healthcare worldwide.

The organization also provides resources like the Product Library and the DTx Evaluation Toolkit for stakeholders to have better knowledge of digital therapeutics and to improve their practices in the healthcare landscape.

Product Library

This resource helps key stakeholders understand and differentiate digital therapeutics from the thousands of other mobile health apps that are available, DTA developed this library to highlight evidence-based innovative DTx products.

The products in this library are currently on the market and meet the definition of a DTx product and attest to aligning with industry Core Principles.

DTx Evaluation Toolkit

As healthcare decision makers (HCDMs) across the world seek out, assess, approve, and implement DTx products, it is important for these clinicians, policymakers, and payors to have access to reliable resources and frameworks that enable more consistent evaluation and implementation of DTx products across local, national, and regional settings.

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