Should “On-Demand” Treatments for Parkinson's disease OFF episodes be used earlier?

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Meet the Speakers

Fernando Pagan, M.D.

Fernando Pagan, M.D.
Professor and Vice Chair
Department of Neurology
Georgetown University
Medical Center
Director of Medical Affairs

Yasar Torres-Yaghi, M.D.

Yasar Torres-Yaghi, M.D.
Assistant Professor,
Department of Neurology
Attending Physician, Movement Disorders
Georgetown University Medical Center
Director, Parkinsonism
and Dementia Clinic
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital


In this live broadcast, the experts will:

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Explore the rationale for utilizing on-demand therapy in OFF episodes in Parkinson's disease earlier in the treatment algorithm.

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Discuss using on-demand therapies earlier in Parkinson's disease and how this paradigm shift can benefit patients adversely affected by OFF episodes.

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